Every boy secretly dreams about being in a band. The adoration and jubilation is something we all crave a bit for in our everyday jobs. Luckily I also work as a marketeer at a big American company, so you can imagine I receive my fair share of groupies. Nevertheless, I may never truly experience what Dolly Parton or the Proclaimers (or whatever the kids listen to these days) feel when they were up on stage, but I imagine it’s pretty close.

Luckily, we can proudly call ourselves brewers now. And it looks like we’ve entered the fray at the right moment. Beer is hot. Not lukewarm as it poured from the drafts in pubs in England for centuries. No, really hot. But understatedly so. Beer isn’t pretentious or snobbish. It’s cool for the things it’s not saying or doing. It’s like jazz; it’s about the notes they’re not playing… I never understood the cool formula when I was in school, but I believe I finally have this one nailed down. Unlike wine, people aren’t searching for ways to over-complicate or over-analyze the product you’re tasting. Beer isn’t trying too hard to be cool. It’s cool for the very essence, the core of the beer. Which is the craft that goes into the brewing, the careful and deliberate process of choosing and matching ingredients, and the art of fermentation. But there’s no need to shout. The New Brewers (capitals important) are rebellious, they’re not clinging to doctrines or dogmas, they are excited by the process of creative destruction rather than perfecting existing products. Brewers are like Jack Kerouac in On the Road. Beer is the new rock ‘n roll, and brewers are the new idols.

Beer groupies


The only logical conclusion I see to this trend, is a restyled format of Idols. I envision a tour across Holland, where a team of experts (who is the beer equivalent of Henkjan Smit I suddenly wonder??) judges young talented homebrewers shooting to become the new Sam Caligione. Secretly I dreamed about taking part, and having hordes of girls screaming our names. Demanding a backstage tour around to see our brew kettles. Asking us all there is to know about the many varieties of yeast strains, with a longing look in their eyes that only suggests one thing: they hope to catch a glimpse of the havoc that the hyperfermentation has caused to our bodies as a result of multiple yeast infections. Girls throwing bottles at us demanding a signature and a personal beer recipe. Aike then bandaging my head. Actually, that has happened. Anyway.


Enough of that load of drivel. This was just a very cunningly conceived attempt to shamelessly pat ourselves on the back with some positive responses we have been getting lately. One of ‘em being a blogpost based on a short email interview with Martijn of the beer blog dutcheerpages. Not only has he been very generous with his comments, but the interview will also give a little bit of an insight into Bru’d and the people behind it. So if you want to learn a little bit more about us, why don’t you hop over to the dutchbeerpages blog and read up.