So you finally found the right moment to relax and enjoy your first glass of Hoppenheimer. You’ve sat yourself down in your most comfy chair, put on the good old Soviet anthem, and you are about to open a bottle of hoppiliciousness. Ppssshhhkkkk! Aaaaahh, the aromas come wafting in, and gently caress your nostrils. But ooaawwaaaah, fire in the hole! Quickly, don’t waver too long, pour your beer in your already chilled glass!

Comments like these, as well as questions about the cloudiness of the beer are sometimes posed to us. After careful and meticulous analyzing and testing, we have discovered ways for these beer drinkers to enjoy it their way as well.

We are now Putin’ all the questions to bed, with this Public Service Announcement ‘How to Pour a Hoppenheimer’.