I recently passed a huge lorry-truck, by one of the more famous Dutch beer makers. I was on my city-bike. The driver was a big burly man, tattoo-d, sweaty. I was neither of those things. Weirdly however, we seemed to be both doing the same job. Yes, I was on my way to deliver a new batch of Hoppenheimer to the specialty beer shop in Amsterdam, de Bierkoning.

The delivery man was probably on his way to the local Albert Heijn. He probably had several pallets of that particular brand of beer . I had 2 boxes safely secured to my carrier piece at the front of my bike. I was listening to some cheerful relaxing indie-tunes on my headphones. He was talking loudly. Probably on the phone to his boss or the Albert Heijn to tell them he was going to be late. I saw that as I was sending a tweet (smoothly balancing my bike between one leg and a bridge) to de Bierkoning to let them know I was coming. You can get a sense of my biking heroics below.


My fellow hopperatsik Aike prefers yet another style. He goes for the classy route. He recently delivered some hoppy malty goodness to ABC Beers in the Hague. As officially crossing the city borders is a momentous occasion, this was definitely worth dressing up for. He may look all suited up, but true in spirit to the communist theme of our Hoppenheimer he most probably wore a Mao shirt underneath.


When I cycled back from my own beer delivery (after having stopped for a quick IPA at Arendsnest), I saw bunnies playing and hopping in the park near where I live. That’s when I realized. Like the bunnies in the park, with this unprecedented, un-Dutch good weather we’ve been enjoying lately, everybody should get some good hop-in. In to your fridge that is. And now you know where to get it.
So there. I’ve said it.